much has been ballyhooed about google getting rid of reader and the impending death of rss, which to be fair is antiquated technology.  yet, people have never been so bullish about email -- still arguably one of the best ways to contact people, generate traffic, create awareness, spread news, or instigate a transaction.

neither the death of rss, or immortality of email is in itself that surprising... but the concurrence of the two is given their similar delivery and experience.

mailchimp, constant contact, and so many other *boring* email providers are peaking in terms of use and valuation... or at least hitting new highs (new six-month highs in the case of $ctct).  in the case of the former, mailchimp is rumored to be so profitable that it won’t take on investors.  just ask @jason.  and still, rss is dying.

while there is value in email, there is diminishing value in receiving news via email.  in the case of google, i get it, and rss may not make sense for them anymore as a large and growing number of people now get their news from twitter, linkedin, etc.

with that said, i’ve always been a bit a bit of a contrarian... being pro-mac in 2001.  adopting android in 2009.  and shorting krispy kreme ($kkd) at its peak.  granted a lot went into all those decisions, the least of which being luck, but i’m keeping my contrarian streak going and today i’m integrating rss into

(powered by none other, than mailchimp... eep eep)    

(powered by none other, than mailchimp... eep eep)


you can now receive every new post on this blog conveniently in your inbox.  just follow this link...

true, this is largely for my dad, whom i’m pretty sure doesn’t follow me on twitter and isn’t on facebook, but hopefully there’s a few more out there who would enjoy a fresh copy of the blog: ‘lower case letters, capital ideas’ landing in their inboxes every now and again.

Authorjonathan hegranes