without question, my favorite part of any product is the feeling you get from using it.  sometimes this means an extra feature or a cool animation.  sometimes it’s the fact that nothing happens at all.  sometimes it stems from not letting you do something, in a good way (i’m looking at you, twodots).  sometimes it just makes you feel good.

the beauty of this feeling is that it endears you to the product in a way that cannot easily be copied, and more importantly ties you to that product for much longer time frame.  

i’ve long admired this in products… back when i worked at disqus, i did a thing at an all-hands where i jokingly trademarked the “point of tap” as *the* opportunity.  and a lot of my recent thinking about the right interactions has led me to dive into this more deeply.

we all do the same things every day, whether it’s buying a cup of coffee or downloading a new app or logging into a site.  and all it takes is a little bit of magic to pretty much forever connect with that person for life.

philz coffee does this by not only making you an amazing cup of coffee, but when they hand it to you, they say “make sure it’s perfect”.  how perfect is that?

headspace does this with the absolute perfect loading animation…  not to mention their videos are spot on.

taking lunch as an example, there are variables that lead up that moment where we order or take our first bite.  and then there’s how we feel afterwards that is more of a direct correlation of the product / service we just consumed.  but in the middle is a no-man’s land of either magic or blah.  

we don’t always realize the blah, but you’ll respond to the magic -- consciously or subconsciously with your heart, mind, and wallet.

the other fascinating thing about this is the same process can still feel really different.  i’m still not sure why this is, but a commit to github via the terminal just feels better than using the github app.  buying a taco after waiting in a long line feels different.  getting surprised / amused at something mundane feels really different.

alexis ohanian and tim ferriss (on tim’s podcast) go into this a bit, and kevin (aka, best twitter handle ever) had some really good examples in sam’s startup class.  #mustwatch

i realize this (magical ah-ha state of utter stupid bliss) is both really hard but really easy to do.  in the end, it’s a game changer and something i’m striving for / focused on intently.

Authorjonathan hegranes