the world (at least the myopic world i live in where everything is about the web) is up in arms about yahoo’s ridiculous patent lawsuit against facebook.  from the renowned vc, fred wilson, to billionaire mark cuban, opinions are heated.  the majority are not only screaming death to yahoo, but also death to patent law.

yet, the unrelenting capitalist in me has to give credit to this move.  first, yahoo is a dying company, and from the executive’s fiduciary duty, this is really its best move for shareholders.  but they could have filed this suit any time in the last five years.  rather, they waited until facebook filed for its ipo.

we all know facebook and zuckerberg’s willingness to go to battle in the courtroom.  but might things be a bit different if you’re trying to complete a $100 billion IPO with a many tens of billions liability is looming over the company?  what do you think?

if there was ever a time to quickly settle, this would be it, and it’s a move well played by yahoo…  but as i’ve given credit to facebook on my blog before, i would not be surprised to see facebook handle this in an equally cutthroat manner.  what would you do? settle? or mount up and kill this dying company once and for all?

Authorjonathan hegranes