i’ve enjoyed reading some recent blog posts (‘right side of the haimish line’ by mark suster and ‘connecting isn’t just for social media’ by james fazio) about personal interaction and moving the discussion offline… this past weekend i had the opportunity to traverse my own haimish line at the burp castle in nyc.  both the libations and conversations were top notch.

burp castle

the burp castle is amongst the city’s quiet bars — meaning you won’t have to scream at the top of your lungs to be heard.  in fact, the burp castle ensures this by literally shushing the entire bar should the noise level get too loud.  not only was i able to catch up with friends and enjoy my first saturday night out as an nyc resident, but also the environment enabled meeting new people and not losing my voice by the end of the night.  yeah, i’m getting old.

in typical t-bird fashion, we ended up striking a conversation with two people who produced red passports before the barkeep would pour them drinks.  turns out they were visiting from switzerland, after which global discussions ensued…

perhaps my affection for this quiet bar was enhanced following the utter craziness that we encountered at a few other stops on our way home, but i’m looking forward to more meaningful outings thanks to bars that shush people.

Authorjonathan hegranes