today marks my last day at disqus, as next week we’ll be packing up and hitting the road for san francisco.  i have somewhat mixed emotions, as i’ll miss the team here and will miss new york, but couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to come.  so while not as eloquent as tristan walker, and certainly not as cool, but i write this with the same intentions and emotions as he did when leaving new york for san francisco with his what's next post.

it’s been quite a ride at disqus... seeing the company (and the new york office) just about triple in size; seeing amazing product evolutions; and most of all seeing the company disrupt itself and go after bigger and bigger opportunities.  as daniel, the ceo, often talks about -- disqus is going from a startup and growing into a sustainable company, and being part of this process has been amazing.  

so what’s next?  i’ll be joining a currently stealth (aka, super duper top secret) startup... so can’t share a lot of details until we launch, but you’ll be hearing from us very soon.  you’ll understand why this was an opportunity i just couldn’t pass up, as it speaks to a number of my passions around finance, sports, and products.

for my friends in nyc, i’m going to miss you, but i’m sure we’ll be back often... for my friends spread out across the country, looking forward to seeing a few of you as we make our trek out west... and for our friends in sf, look forward to seeing you a lot more -- hopefully over wine tasting!

i’ve loved living in new york, but it’s so different that you forget what the rest of america feels like... so our road trip across the rust belt, up into minnesota, through the badlands of south dakota, and the wilderness of yellowstone should be fun.  then we’ll dive south, make a gambling stop in nevada, before arriving in our new home.

you can follow the journey as we’ll be tweeting with #ny2sfroadtrip hashtag... or just see this road trip page on my site: #ny2sf

Authorjonathan hegranes