we’ve been telling people for a little while now, but figured it was time to make an official announcement… especially now that we just learned -- it’s a girl!

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you still probably wouldn’t know that pei is pregnant (my stomach is still bigger than hers :), but we’re just about to cross into the 20th week.  life is definitely getting easier now that we’re in the second trimester.  gone is the crazy morning sickness (often china-time morning sickness), and starting to think ahead about the coming months…  leading up to independence day, which is an ironic due date.

looking forward to catching up with friends and family as this magical time unfolds, but thought i’d answer a few questions straight away…

do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

well, did you read the subject of this post?  of course, for those who know how pei cannot stand surprises, there was no question that we wanted to know asap.

are you sure it’s a girl?

yes.  this pic on this post is actually from a few months ago…  we learned yesterday it was a girl and they gave us a cd with all the images.  but alas, we don’t own a device that plays cds.  rest assured, we’ll get those new pics somehow.

have you thought about names?

up until yesterday, we were thinking about both boy and girl names, but now we can start to narrow in on a name for her.  we have a few favorites right now, but always looking for suggestions -- both english and  中国名字.

are you going to be those annoying people who start spamming facebook?

hell no.  aside from an occasional pic, we’ll mostly be posting on path (go download now and friend me if you want baby madness), and you can also bookmark http://baby.hegranes.com/.

one of the best parts of our pregnancy so far has been the loving words and awesome support that we’ve received.  from gifts and advice to high-fives, the excitement you’ve shown us is special.  thank you.


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