fittingly, i first saw the square + starbucks news on twitter, via this tweet from @jack

my first reaction… the one word that run through my head:  ’fuck!’

not fuck — as in the scope of the deal, putting square in 7,000 starbucks stores.

not fuck — as in what this means for payment disruption.

not fuck — as in did they coordinate outfits.

but fuck — as in how did they put together that deal in what looks to be a 4-5 page contract!?!?

dealing with bloated boilerplate on a daily basis, i rarely come across a beautifully concise contract.  it could only have been two brilliant business minds who could keep the lawyers quiet.

no need to fatten this contract with worthless language about liability and indemnification that goes on for pages.  in a few simple pages, square is in 7,000 stores.  

plus, starbucks is making a $25 million investment in square, with howard joining the square board.

is your employment agreement even as concise as this billion dollar deal?

how concise are your contracts? 

Authorjonathan hegranes