after months of mac and ios fans calling for apple to buy sparrow, google stepped up and purchased a beautiful product.  another win for google. another win for open.  another blow to apple…

google buys sparrow

following the multi-way chess match between google, apple, and microsoft (not to mention facebook and others) excites me.  the collision of new products, services, and platforms is unfolding at a fantastic pace and each is trying to gain ground in the other’s space.

while 80k foot arguments of ‘open’ versus ‘closed’ go on, microsoft unleashed surface, and threw a new, beautiful wrench into the tablet space… at the same time showing that the tight link with hardware and software (with its windows 8) is critical.

then apple, with the announcement of ios 6, tries to further separate itself from google with its own maps app.

not to be out done, google - with android jellybean and google now - leap frogs apple and siri, but the move to purchase sparrow is genius.

using gmail to manage work, personal, and a handful of other emails, i love this purchase and what it can mean for the evolution of not only gmail — but email as a whole.

however, what’s really interesting is google’s ability to buy landscape and mindshare on the apple platform.  sparrow for mac and sparrow for iphone were ‘fanboy’ favorites, and whether they stick with sparrow or not is besides the point.

google buying its way into apple, and apple designing away from google probably doesn’t move the needle much for either company.  i still like $msft stock over $aapl or $goog, but the best spot looks to be in small, private companies gaining traction within and across this ecosystem.

Authorjonathan hegranes