one day you’re a blatant copy cat — lord knows there’s enough doing that with pinterest.

the next day, you’re simply following best practices…  this small but material epiphany hit me while grabbing a pita after work yesterday.

fans of chipotle will immediate recognize this menu layout and ordering style… clear steps. clear ingredients. simple pricing, but feel free to make your burrito (or in this case your pita) as complicated as you like.  hell, put it in a bowl if you don’t want the carbs.

with business evolving increasingly fast, one has no choice but to fall into the copy cat bucket.  by the time the ink dries, you’ll simply be following best practices.  just imagine if nokia had been bold enough to copy apple four years ago instead of just now coming out with a touchscreen phone…

of course, how long those best practices stay just that is another more complicated question.  for now, just don’t get left behind because of pride or wanting to do something unique.  your customers and shareholders will thank you.

Authorjonathan hegranes