just 37 hours in, and new york already feels like home!


i’ve been to the city many times for vacation, work, and to visit family.  my longest trip was visiting my sister for a month when she was going to NYU.  i always loved new york, but wasn’t sure i’d ever have the chance to live here, or if i even wanted to…  but with so much opportunity in a place like this, and with an offer to join an amazing team of people at DISQUS, i was eager to move east.

the move so far has been smooth.  perhaps a little too smooth…   coming from koreatown in los angeles, with a four day stop in phoenix, and then on to new york on short notice might cause stress for some, but not us. or maybe we’ve just been lucky…  our movers were on time, we sold our cars without too much trouble. the weather’s been beautiful. and we found an apartment in one day.  still a lot of unpacking and familiarizing to do, but i’m looking forward to the ride.

Authorjonathan hegranes