disinterested is about the only way to describe my feelings around pinterest — the hottest startup on the planet.  but after hearing pinterest mentioned a couple hundred times during new york’s social media week, given that it’s raised $37.5 million in venture funding, and recognizing the amazing traffic growth, i decided to block out a few minutes this week to dive further. still disinterested, but here are my initial thoughts.

pinterest has done a fantastic job building a viral engine of growth, as eric ries would say. to that point, pinterest is a master at its email marketing program — almost to the point where i start to question the numbers.  the only times i logged onto the site before this weekend was a) when i first signed up and b) to change my email preferences to unsubscribe from all.  after totally random people starting following me, pinterest would send out an email that almost made me want to click through.  yet, i have to question why people are following me on pinterest given that i have done zero actions to date on the site.  somehow pinterest has worked this into its system.  while i question the relevance and level of true engagement, the plan is working.

in the blink of an eye, pinterest grew to 10 million uniques a month and is sending more referral traffic to brands and other sites than youtube, google+, and linkedin combined… this is the primary metric that has led to blatant copy-cats and even has facebook’s mark zuckerberg using the site.

yet, perhaps nothing can sum up pinterest like a good ol’ fashioned infographic…

pinterest infographic

for me / for now, i’m thinking of pinterest as a means to market.  women get this site by and large. i don’t.  but it does make sense to me from a marketing perspective.  to that end there have been a few really good posts (like the one from kiss metrics and this one from neil patel).  i recently forwarded these links on to the social media team at the global press institute.  we’ll definitely be fiddling with pinterest as a means to grow audience and traffic, but that’s about as far as it goes for me at this point.

Authorjonathan hegranes