i’ve been complaining about the lack of good cross platform experiences for a while, which is why is was grinning from ear to ear while reading about the latest developments from dropbox and twitter, not to mention my burgeoning love affair with candy crush.

twitter kicked things off on monday by announcing direct messaging sync.  so good riddance to the same annoying notifications every time you boot up twitter on a separate device, but even more telling that this obvious feature is actually news.  this is twitter after all -- an established internet behemoth with reported hundreds of millions in revenue and billions in valuation, and not some random internet startup.  this shows you just how behind so many companies are and at the same time the kind of opportunity that exists when you leverage today’s connected apps and experiences across platform.

which leads us to dropbox, which this week held its first developer conference in the company’s 6-year history...  wired said it best with the headline “dropbox blows up the box, connecting every app, file, and device”.  for years, dropbox has been delighting users with a service that just works.  their vision going forward is to go beyond syncing and sharing to connecting.  providing an api and platform for apps to communicate within and across -- enabling you to actually own your content to saving gaming history across devices.

of course, the smart gaming companies already get this (with rovio, maker of angry birds, trying to catch up) and candy crush - well - crushing it.

yet, when this actually gets put into practice in a material way is questionable... in the meantime, i’ll keep hacking away with ifttt.

Authorjonathan hegranes