while the world of elevated web conversations and communities has been swirling around my head for much longer, yesterday was my second official day at DISQUS.  so far it feels like home… the two biggest adjustments have to do with scale and culture — and both are a welcomed change.  


it’s definitely an adjustment to think about daily installs in terms of thousands, sites using the DISQUS platform in the millions, users in the tens of millions, and monthly traffic in terms of billions, but the super exciting part is the ways in which the business can evolve when you have this awesome level of scale — rivaled only by facebook in our space.  very exciting stuff, and more to come on that front.

the second change is culture, and it’s pretty incredible to be at a company where the biz team is the extreme minority in a sea of technically incredible minds. knowledge of excel is lovingly mocked. coding is revered. and process is paramount… yet, the team as a whole is united, on a plan to scale at a massive rate and that means all areas — from ops to biz dev, from engineering to HR — must work together, and the capitalist comes out in all of us and we plot for world domination.


the day was wrapped up with an inspiring all-hands meeting / happy hour.  as daniel - our beloved CEO - spoke of the year to come, i loved how he transported us to future so that we looked back at all we had accomplished in 2012… while he was presenting, i was reminded of eric ries (author of ‘lean startup’; one of my recent and noteworthy reads) and his tactic of projecting ahead to what went right or wrong with a product launch, and thus be able to predict obstacles, variables, externalities, and chart accordingly.  

after seeing how transformative ‘12 was for us, we were transported back to present day (that delorean is one smooth ride), and as the rest of the presenters went into greater detail, my excitement for the current year (and beyond) could not be greater.  killer minds and great energy are alive and dangerous at DISQUS.

Authorjonathan hegranes