since the debut of youtube, many have tried and failed to create a better experience for viewing online videos.  integrating social hooks is critical, but so too is discovery.  for my money, i think has cracked the code.

for the record, i’ve tried many, many sites. came close, but the usability is terrible.  navigation and experience is clumsy.  boxee, via their ipad app, is interesting, but truthfully this feature isn’t the company’s focus.  youtube still does a satisfactory job, and there probably isn’t a day that goes by where i don’t click on a youtube link (whether from email, twitter, what have you).  but when it comes to discovering interesting content, i head straight for

granted, completely ripped off the pinterest design and UI but who hasn’t these days?  every company that has anything to do with content is using that design form.  just last week, i received emails from two companies that are pivoting and both used a blatant pinterest form factor.

while i’m still (albeit less so these days) dispinterested in pinterest, the design + the content and UI/UX works for me.  kudos to the a-list team that is making this happen.  this is an extremely difficult space to acquire and retain users.  i’ve been using chill for a few months now, and will say that they’ve won me over.  

how they disrupt themselves and/or get disrupted from others will be interesting as online video continues to be an area where design + business model + scale has not been achieved — aside from the grand daddy youtube. 

Authorjonathan hegranes