one year ago today i landed at jfk.  i immediately felt at home and haven't looked back.  before long i knew exactly which direction to go when coming out of the subway, discovered favorite local places, and checked in all around the city.  i even went to jersey a few times...

the year was filled with a lot of new experiences...  i completed my first race (a 10k through central park).  i dined at my first three star michelin restaurant (le bernardin).  i survived my first hurricane (oh sandy).  and most of all, i got married to my amazing wife!

my wife and i sometimes discuss if we could / would want to live somewhere else.  pei loves california and it's sunshine, and i would be interested to live in shanghai one day -- just need to work on my mandarin a bit more.  who knows if or when that day comes.  whether it is next week or never, i'll be enjoying life in nyc until then.

Authorjonathan hegranes