having invested a few years of my life, not to mention at least a few quarts of blood equity, in this space -- it's one about which i'm very passionate.  yet, it's also one bloody tough battle.

zaarly (now home to my beloved workables) is rocking, albeit after a significant pivot.  task rabbit continues to grow, and at least within techie circles is a phrase i hear thrown around a lot -- usually as a way to outsource laziness.  now even the mainstream is abuzz following the acquisition of zip car by avis.

for bleeding edge angel investors, however, this trend has been growing... check out this graphic from @noahmp, founder of @luckysort, which charts the chatter of 'rentals' on angel.co over the last quarter.

as mary meeker noted in her 100+ slides of the internet, people are becoming 'asset light'.  we don't need boxes of compact discs or dvds when we can stream from amazon.  we don't need to own cars, when we can rent them by the hour from zip car.

what else do we continue to consume that would be far ________ (easier, cheaper, better, etc) to rent?

Authorjonathan hegranes