at new year's eve dinner with friends last night, i had the idea to have each of us give resolutions to each other.  it was a fun conversation and interesting to see where people thought each of us could improve or where we should focus in the year ahead.

some of the ones i received were along the lines of where i was thinking, such as practicing my chinese (and shanghainese) more diligently... especially with my chinese wedding ceremony and meeting the inlaws happening this year.

for myself, i'm focusing the year ahead on more hustle.  fueled by utter sloth the last seven days, i'm recharged and ready to move faster than ever.  2012 was a switch from running my own startup to being part of a growing team in another company -- a very different and much easier job.  but that doesn't mean it has to be, and with so much going on in nyc, there's unlimited opportunity to meet new people, develop new interests, and grow on so many levels.

what are your new year's resolutions? or, more interestingly, what are those that you would give to others?

Authorjonathan hegranes