stoked new dad!!!

stoked new dad!!!

i'm a naturally born capitalist with a passion designing for the user experience, playing the long game, and disrupting ourselves (before someone else does) .  or as my friends call me, "calmly relentless".

i love exercising my idea muscles (as james altucher would say), and would love to hear what you're working on.  always looking to make new connections, make new introductions, and -- in the words of fakegrimlock -- "make more awesome"! (caps lock, of course)



i have worked for five companies...  each took me farther from evaluating strategies or ideas, and closer to executing and solving user problems.  each brought me closer to nimble private companies and away from public behemoths.

i have started four companies... one in the collaborative consumption space, which was is now part of zaarly.  one in the investment space, and still persists as an outlet for new ideas, and a vehicle to help other startups.  air bear was my first foray in app development and takes me to the baby space -- as a new dad, i think about this stuff every day.  and my newest venture -- kittyhawk -- enlightened drone operations.

i love products.  maybe one day again i’ll use my cfa in a more official capacity, but i love testing and finding bugs (probably because i’m so good at creating them).  i love thinking about user flows and how to design a strategy around natural actions that delight.

giving back is important to me... i donate / kickstart to numerous organizations, but my heart is with the global press institute.  i’m fortunate to be on the board and have been with gpi since its founding a decade ago, which is hard to believe as we now operate in nearly 30 countries.

always looking for new introductions and ways to help.  feel free to email me anytime at or ping me on twitter @hegranes


co-founder & ceo kittyhawk (enlightened drone operations -- air space, fleet management, log book intelligence)

hacked on air bear (a beautiful, simple way to track how well your baby is feeding)

advisory board (new media and technology) @pressinstitute (international non-profit)

general partner @katabatic (from public investing to startup advising)

studied @thunderbird (mba in global management) & @tcu (bba in finance)

@cfa charterholder,中文 student, golf #lefty, and code swift


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